• Using bigger tires on your 4 × 4

    In order to make the 4 × 4 more invoked, with larger tires, it is necessary to know what is being done and, mainly, to evaluate if the change is appropriate to the type of terrain where the car is traveling. To get additional details, view here: cooper adventurer h/t review


    Leaving the jeep with a brave face is everything that an off-road lover desires, as if the trail would be less dangerous when faced with that big 4 × 4. For this, many resort to the old trick of changing the original tires of the car for larger ones. But, in addition to making the jeep look invocated, does the change change the performance on the trails?


    First of all, the driver must observe, in addition to the aesthetic aspects, the need for those who travel in mud, sand or on very rough terrain. What he should know, for example, is that the 4 × 4 loses a lot of strength when it changes its tires for bigger ones.


    The main change is in relation to the torque and the maximum speed reached by the jeep. With larger tires, the gears get longer and the vehicle reaches a higher final speed. Although it apparently improves the performance of the car, this does not actually represent much for the off-road fan. After all, in the off-road direction, strength is more important than driving with the speedometer up there. Riding with larger tires therefore changes the performance of the 4 × 4 on the trails. One way out of this situation is to modify the vehicle's gear ratio.